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Cover Story

The church inside the state

by Bob Jones

Cover Story | Legislateve politics is all about unseen forces:behind-the-scenes compromise, lobbying, parlementary maneuvering. With the sudden influx of Christian members…

In this issue: "Church inside the state," Oct. 12, 1996


"CEO of the world"?

International | Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali seeks to expand the role of the United Nations and increase his own power

How not to get suckered

By Cal Thomas

National | Voters should invest time preparing for presidential debates


National | Mississippi judge discovers right to perform abortion Safety and cleanliness are the latest casualties in Mississippi abortion clinics. A federal judge there…

Dangerous liaisons: Gays view White House outreach with suspicion

National | ACT--UP chapter plans FEC complaint against Clinton's liaison office


This Week

The long run The Clinton administration conceded Oct. 1 that U.S. troops will remain in Bosnia until at least mid-March, missing a promised Dec. 20 deadline…



Persecution in China I greatly appreciated your article, "Remember the suffering saints" (Sept. 21). In July of this year I visited the tiny home of Alan and…

You just have to sing

By Joel Belz

When a respected scientist sees what's obvious, it's time to rejoice


Must-see TV

Culture | PBS series helpful background for politically active Christians

TV: With PBS on our side: A double-coded series

By Gene Edward Veith

Television | Series stays true to its agenda while trying to please everyone

"Thumbs" down

By Pamela Johnson

Culture | Series' subtlety makes it a powerful piece of propaganda

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