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Cover Story

Mister Clean

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | With the second Whitewater-related political corruption trial underway in Arkansas and the govbernor forced out of office to appeal his felony convictions…

In this issue: "Arkansas' Mister Clean," July 6, 1996


Sweaty palms

By Cal Thomas

National | Filegate: New ministry opportunity for Prison Fellowship?

Rising to the challenge

By Mindy Belz

International | Wycliffe missionary outlasts two years' guerrilla captivity

Giving Dole his due

National | Bob Dole has no one but himself to blame for his woes

The refining fires

By Roy Maynard

National | Christian Coalition hopes reconciliation rises from the ashes



I do wonder what Eleanor Roosevelt might think of all this. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's reaction to the media furor over revelations that she…

This Week

Saudi bombing In the most deadly attack against American interests in the Middle East in more than a decade, a truck bomb exploded June 25 at an air base in…


Blood-stilling silence

By Joel Belz

Intercessors for persecuted Christians are going where no candidate dares to go

A-la-carte Christians

By William H. Smith

Believers are not free to pick and choose when it comes to church membership

The earth is the Lord's...

By Marvin Olasky

...not the other way around: The trouble with some modern environmentalism


Film: A summertime windfall

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Audiences blowing their money on "sound and fury" films

Film: Rats in the belfry

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | Disney targets children with a decidedly grown-up offering

Books: Book a pleasant trip

By George Grant

Books | Jan Karon's imagination is a great place to take a vacation

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