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Cover Story

The Storm Before The Storm

by Roy Maynard

Cover Story | In a small studio in the basement of Kansas City's KMBC Channel 9, Sam Brownback is getting nervous. Political reporter Michael Mahoney is taping a Sunday…

In this issue: "Brownback's Senate fight," July 20, 1996


Good news, bad news

By Mindy Belz

International | Yeltsin defeated the communists, but victory came at a price

Democracy on skid row?

National | It's winning here and there, but losing its sustaining culture

Heaven's dream team

By Joe Maxwell

National | Several Olympic athletes will be competing to honor Christ

Think before you drink

By Cal Thomas

National | The NEA convention: No one should swallow this agenda

No guts, no Gloria

By Joe Maxwell

National | New Planned Parenthood chieftain plans aggressive tenure


This Week

Big Bad Bertha Two days after bashing the Bahamas, Hurricane Bertha moved up the U.S. coastline, forcing mandatory evacuation of coastal areas from Florida to…


I just hope Senator Dole doesn't name Joe Camel [as] his running mate. DON FOWLER, co-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, poking fun at Sen. Dole's…


E plurimis fragmentis, unum

By Joel Belz

And while we're speaking in tongues, this too: Soli Deo gloria!

A little lower than the aliens

In Independence Day's universe without God, man is merely king of the beasts

Critical is crucial

By Marvin Olasky

And not just some of the time


Film: E.T. is not our friend

By Pamela Johnson

Movies | But despite the theme of these hits, neither is human effort

Beltway Books: Our tabloid president

By Doug Bandow

Books | If the Aldrich book is only partly true, that's bad enough

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