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Cover Story


by Mindy Belz

Cover Story | Dr. Sergei Chumihovskii reads his statistics right off the corner of his desk. They spill from a handwritten ledger in a well-thumbed folder, kept in his own…

In this issue: "Children of Chernobyl," April 13, 1996


Feel their pain

By Cal Thomas

National | President Clinton has yet to meet an abortion he'd oppose

Joe Camel's broken back

By Bob Jones

National | An interview with the man who helped place the last straw

Doubting Darwin

National | Biblical creationists could learn a lesson from Darwinists

Monkey off their backs

By Roy Maynard

National | In Tennessee, the secular view of origins has evolved into fact

A heart for teaching

By Roy Maynard

National | But not a certificate: Alternate certification is catching on

Four more years?

National | Political analysis: Will Dole also drag down the Congress?



Not long ago Republicans believed Clinton would be forced, by the same popular wave that carried them into office in November 1994, to accede to their…

This Week

Camera never blinks Two sheriff's deputies are under investigation after they were videotaped clubbing a Mexican man and woman. Television news helicopters…


Educators vs. indoctrinators

By Joel Belz

More image than reality is involved in spelling out the difference between the two

Our certain hope

By John W. Alexander

Just because God's grace is sometimes invisible, it's not impossible

The second wrong

By Marvin Olasky

Why affirmative action cannot lead toward racial reconciliation


Books: The boys' own historian

By George Grant

Books | A Victorian literary phenomenon returned to bookshelves

Culture Notes

Culture | Make everyone show Sesame Street? Should the federal government require all television broadcasters to provide at least three hours per week of children's…

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