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WORLD News Group is proud to announce the launch of its all-new WORLD Fellow Member Program. We’re excited because it’s going to make access to news from a decidedly Christian worldview so much better.

Enjoying WORLD Already?
Now you can enjoy it more fully—and in more ways than ever before—with our new Fellow Member program. Getting the real stories behind the news has never been easier … or more affordable. Subscribing to God’s WORLD News, but not yet to WORLD? You’ve been given a complimentary upgrade to WORLD Fellow Member status and can now receive immediate, unrestricted access to WORLD content for the duration of your current subscription term. And that’s all added to everything you are already receiving from God’s WORLD News.

New to WORLD News Group?
If you’ve been looking for news from an intelligent, decidedly Christian worldview, looks like you’ve just found it. WORLD News Group is renowned for its incisive journalism and has become a trusted source of news for hundreds of thousands worldwide. All it takes is a quick minute to get your WORLD Member Portal Key to get started.

We’re excited to tell you …
As of September 24, 2013, all readers of WORLD Magazine and non-institutional customers of God’s WORLD News are now WORLD Fellow Members. It’s automatic. To unlock all your member benefits, take a brief moment to visit members.wng.org to get your WORLD Portal Access.

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