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2014 Hope Award for Effective Compassion

Every year since 2006 WORLD reporters have traveled the United States (and in the past three years, foreign countries as well) to research and write about Christian poverty-fighting programs that offer challenging, personal, and spiritual help. 

This summer and fall we will reveal this year’s domestic Final Four by running profiles of the winner and runner-up in each of four regions: Midwest, Northeast, West, and South. We also recognize an international winner.

Readers will be able to vote for one of the four U.S. regional winners later this fall, with the announcement of the winner of the 2014 Hope Award for Effective Compassion coming in November.

Midwest Region

Friends Ministry2014 Regional Winner
Friends Ministry | Lake City, Mich.

Fruits of Labor: A community garden in rural Michigan challenges the poor to work off their bills. | by Daniel James Devine

Community Warehouse2014 Runner-Up
Community Warehouse | Milwaukee, Wis.

Freedom to work: A Milwaukee nonprofit gives background-challenged workers a door to new life. | by Daniel James Devine

A look backA look back | Hope Award winners from the past

Where are they now? | by Rikki Elizabeth Stinnette


Compassion International2014 International Winner
Compassion International | Central America

Hope and help for the poor: Our ninth annual Hope Award coverage begins with a trip to poor areas of Central America. | by Marvin Olasky

South Region

Maury United Ministries2014 Regional Winner
Maury United Ministries | Maury County, Tenn.

Driving Miss Tracy: South Region winner changes lives one ride at a time. | by Marvin Olasky

St. Roch Community Development Corporation2014 Runner-Up
St. Roch Community Development Corporation | New Orleans

Fixer uppers: New Orleans group deals with pluses and minuses of a post-Katrina boom. | by Marvin Olasky

East Region

Seeds of Hope2014 Regional Winner
Seeds of Hope | Camden, N.J.

Street savvy: East Region winner Seeds of Hope has won credibility in a brutal Camden neighborhood. | by Emily Belz

A House on Beekman2014 Runner-Up
A House on Beekman | Bronx, N.Y.

Building trust: A House on Beekman is there for Bronx families from pregnancy to graduation. | by Emily Belz