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The death and life of compassionate conservatism

by Marvin Olasky
Real change, not passing out spare change, is key to the success of these 10 faith-based finalists

Our insane mental health system

by Marvin Olasky
The poorest among us are those who've lost their minds, according to psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey


Grand Prize Winner
A Way Out | Memphis, Tenn.

Rescuing women from prostitution, strip joints, and drugs | by Jonathon Seidl

Harvey House | Harvey, Ill.

Forgetting about yesterday, preparing for the future | by Daniel James Divine

Fresno Rescue Mission | Fresno, Calif.

'I want to be more than a nonprofit charity' | by David Sessions

Lighthouse Ministries | Lakeland, Fla.

It's a place to come and "die" | by Suzanne Haberman

New Life Center | Franklin, Va.

"Don't mess with my boys" | by Peter Jackson

South Side Mission | Peoria, Ill.

"We want to be the Walgreen's of missions" | by Daniel James Divine

Faith in Action | Grand Rapids, Mich.

Teach responsibility, build community | by Jonathon Seidl

Promise of Hope | Dudley, Ga.

Holding up a mirror to addiction | by Peter Jackson

Redwood Gospel Mission | Santa Rosa, Calif.

Boot camp for souls in pursuit of insanity | by David Sessions

Panama City Rescue Mission | Panama City, Fla.

On-the-street ministry and flexibility put addicts on the road to recovery | by Suzanne Haberman