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Fighting the good poverty fight

by Marvin Olasky
While Washington fiddles, charities across America do the hard work of helping the poor. WORLD profiles some of the most effective

'Development in reverse'

by Marvin Olasky
Global capitalism is working well for most developing societies, but a billion people live in countries that are going backward. Economist Paul Collier says these countries can be helped, but both givers and recipients need to change

The Carnegie way

by Marvin Olasky
Andrew Carnegie's old home displays methods of helping the poor that the old millionaire would have liked

Aftermath (continued)

by Kristin Chapman
Two years after the storm, setbacks are a way of life


Grand Prize Winner
Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranches | Batesville, Ark.

Second-chance ranch: Arkansas agency provides a home and family to children of delinquent parents | by Megan Rieger

Joshua Station | Denver

Mile-high hope: Homeless families have a place to live, learn, and grow | by Alisa Harris

A Way Out | Memphis, Tenn.

A way out: A charity from last year returns as a Samaritan Award Finalist | by Joshua King

Lighthouse Community Center | Santa Ana, Calif.

This big light of mine: California program changes those who serve as well as those they serve | by Alisa Harris

Neighborhood Christian Center | Memphis, Tenn.

All in the family: What started with care for foster children has branched into more than a dozen programs ministering to people in each phase of family life | by Allie Cook

Interfaith Housing Coalition | Dallas

Nothing but the best: Volunteers take a professional approach to the rehabilitation of mind, body, spirit, and bank account | by Robby Moeller

Vision Youthz | San Francisco

Vision quest: Program seeks to help youths through | by Amy Vercher

Happy Hands Education Center | Tulsa, Okla.

Signs of God: Program brings literacy and the gospel to the deaf | by Robby Moeller

Victory Trade School | Springfield, Mo.

Recipe for success: Former rescue mission residents cook their way to careers | by Megan Rieger

St. Francis Center | Redwood, Calif.

The divide at El Camino Real: The St. Francis Center provides help for families on the wrong side of the road | by Amy Vercher

Christian Women's Job Corps of Middle Tennessee | Nashville, Tenn.

On the march again: Last year's Samaritan Award winner branches out | by Allie Cook

A Hand Up for Women | Knoxville, Tenn.


Earth Keeper Initiative | Marquette, Mich.

A hand up, a clean sweep: Charities from last year return as Samaritan Award Finalists | by Joshua King