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Debunking the Planned Parenthood mammogram myth

By Courtney Crandell

Abortion | Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms despite continued claims from high-profile supporters that it does, according to a Fact Checker report released…

U.S. commander: Afghan forces still need our help

By Michael Cochrane

Afghanistan | The weekend air strike that destroyed a Doctors Without Borders medical facility, killing at least 22 people, occurred despite “rigorous” U.S. military…

Campus safety drills get updated for modern emergencies

By Wayne Stender

Shooting | Biola University took a proactive approach to school violence last week, days before Thursdays deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.

At home among the foreign yet familiar

By Angela Lu

Taiwan | A twentysomething Taiwanese-American returns to her mother’s homeland

New video segment details Planned Parenthood’s savage abortion methods

By Bob Brown

Abortion | New undercover video footage released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) shows a Planned Parenthood abortionist describing how she tears away preborn…

Investing in Babylon: What we do know

By David L. Bahnsen

Personal Finance | In biblical times, it was not a given that people would have excess moneys to invest. The cultures to which various “investment” advice were written in…

Midday Roundup: California legalizes physician-assisted suicide

By Leigh Jones

Newsworthy | Deadly decision. California Gov. Jerry Brown announced yesterday he had signed the assisted-suicide law passed by the state legislature last month. The law…

Joaquin and Obama: Two forces of nature

By Cal Thomas

Politics | Hurricane Joaquin dumped large amounts of rain on the East Coast, but another “force of nature” flooded the country with so much rhetoric it was difficult…

Responding to tragedy in Oregon’s ‘Bible belt’

By Kiley Crossland

Shooting | Roseburg’s strong network of pastors and churches moved quickly to comfort the grieving

Another mass shooting

By D.C. Innes

Shooting | It was a couple of days before we could piece together the details surrounding the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore.: the…

The pope’s betrayal of Kim Davis

By Andrée Seu Peterson

Religious Liberty | There is a life-sized cardboard figure of Pope Francis in the gift shop of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall Visitor’s Center, where many a tourist took…

ECFA strips Gospel for Asia’s membership

By Warren Cole Smith

Ministry | Church planting ministry cited for violations related to governance and financial management

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