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Drones are the latest in must-have farming tools

By Evan Wilt

Agriculture | Farmers are not saving up for new tractors anymore—they are investing in drones. “It could cost you 15, 25 even 40,000 dollars, but the farmers who see…

Kenyan evangelicals protest upcoming Obama visit

By Onize Ohikere

Kenya | President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Kenya sent a small group of protestors to the streets on Monday. Their message to him: Don’t advocate for gay…

Hawaii’s sex trafficking laws debated amid governor’s planned veto

By Gaye Clark

Human Trafficking | Hawaii Gov. David Ige plans to veto a bill that would ban sex trafficking in his state. Anti-trafficking advocates claim the bill would have ended Hawaii’s…

Supreme Court rulings on making laws, housing bias, and violent crime

By Mary Reichard

Supreme Court | While most of the attention at the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of last month focused on two or three high-profile cases, the justices did hand down some…

The comment pulpit

By Marvin Olasky

Supreme Court | George Takei, who as a young actor played Sulu on the Star Trek television series nearly 50 years ago, is now a gay activist. He is so angry about Supreme Court…

Public schools in Pacific Northwest push free birth control

By Rachel Lynn Aldrich

Public Schools | Seattle public school Chief Sealth International, along with a few other public schools in the area, began providing and administering free IUDs to students…

The United flags of America

By D.C. Innes

Culture | The Fourth of July was filled with cookouts, parades, fireworks, and flags. But with these we celebrated a country that believes government is, in Lincoln’s…

Midday Roundup: Greeks refuse more austerity, await EU reaction

By Leigh Jones

Newsworthy | Greek drama. Greece wades neck-deep into uncharted waters after voters said “no” to the nation’s creditors. The European creditors propping up the…

Dollars and Sense: Markets shrug off Greek drama

By Warren Cole Smith

Money | Greece rejects austerity measures. More than 61 percent of Greeks voted on Sunday to reject austerity measures set forth by the International Monetary Fund as…

Marva Collins did it her way

By Janie B. Cheaney

Education | In the 1980s, Marva Collins was a shining light in the education firmament. Her pioneering methods became a full-length movie. Her Chicago inner-city school,

ISIS threatens Jerusalem’s Christians, stirs up extremism in Gaza

By Julia A. Seymour

ISIS | Islamic State (ISIS) militants allegedly have threatened to “purify” Jerusalem by slaughtering Christians if they don’t leave before the end of Ramadan…

NASA to test miniature glider for future Mars mission

By Michael Cochrane

Space | NASA is planning to deploy a small glider during a future Mars rover mission to fill the exploration gap between orbit and the planet’s surface. The…

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