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Bob Foster’s ordinary but effective evangelism

By Sophia Lee

Religion | When I first interviewed 94-year-old Bob Foster I thought I could glean some interesting historical tidbits about the post–WWII days of evangelicalism (see…

Election 2014: Parties limp toward finish line

By J.C. Derrick

Campaign 2014 | Republicans are in a good position, but voters are hardly optimistic

A self-defense ministry that could save lives

By Dick Peterson

Crime | About every two minutes another American is sexually assaulted, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. Women’s self-defense instructor…

School shooter invited victims to lunch

By The Editors

Shooting | Three students remain hospitalized in Washington state, including two of the shooter’s cousins

The IRS gets off easy in conservative targeting scandal

By Mary Reichard

IRS Scandal | Reining in government agency overreach concerns everyone, and the recent dismissal of taxpayers’ lawsuits against the IRS disappointed many people. One of…

Heroism at a moment’s notice

By D.C. Innes

Canada | You hear gunshots. You look in the direction of the sound and see people scattering. Your attention is now focused on what you are sure is a developing crisis…

What’s next for the Kermit Gosnell movie?

By Warren Cole Smith

Q&A | Filmmaker Phelim McAleer talks about the movie’s crowdfunding campaign and the process of getting started on production

Who owns you, baby?

By Janie B. Cheaney

Campaign 2014 | You’re so controlling. You never listen to what I say … Why is it always  my  fault? Feminist campaign rhetoric around election time is like listening…

Globe Trot: No freedom for Chibok’s captive schoolgirls

By Jamie Dean

International | NIGERIA: More than a week after the Nigerian government announced the terrorist group Boko Haram had agreed to release more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped…

Thank God for angels

By Andrée Seu Peterson

Faith & Inspiration | When my son J was a little boy, he nearly drowned in the neighbor’s pool, lured into the deep end by a tantalizing floating inner tube. I jumped in (fully…

Midday Roundup: Methodists reinstate pastor after gay marriage dispute

By Lynde Langdon

Newsworthy | Refrocked. The Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church (UMC) has voted to reinstate Pastor Frank Schaefer, who was defrocked last December after…

Colleges tap student entrepreneurs for creative fundraising

By Emily Scheie

Education | State funding for higher education dropped during the recession, but some schools are coming up with other ways to bring in revenue—from running an airport…

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