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Why December 25?

By Gene Edward Veith

The origin of Christmas had nothing to do with paganism

Quiet derision

By Joel Belz

The New York Times' snobbery against Christian schools is easy to spot



"It's like calling a menorah a candlestick." Mathew Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, on the widespread practice among cities of calling Christmas tree…

The best of the best?

By John Dawson

Sports | The Heisman Trophy, college football's top prize, is awarded on mysterious terms with no clear definition of what it represents

Cell oversell

By Lynde Langdon

Medicine | November was not a good month for embryonic stem-cell research

Bestselling CDs

By Ricky Skaggs & Family, Aaron Neville, Michael McDonald, Various artists & Brian Wilson

Notable CDs | Five new and noteworthy Christmas Albums

Quick Takes


Pole vault Baltimore has a new crime spree to worry about-pole burglars. Bands of thieves are roaming the city, setting out orange traffic cones,

The chronicles of making Narnia

By Andrew Coffin

A few cheeseburgers and cheesy productions later, the Christian classic finally comes to life on the screen

Minnie movement

By Mark Bergin

Religion | Disney executive moonlights as director of church-planting effort

War of words

By Lynn Vincent

Politics | The battle lines are blurry as activists target swing senators over Alito

One-party rule a tough habit to break

By Jamie Dean

Ethiopia | Hardline leaders risk civil war, practice oppression to stay in power

David Schoenbrod


Interview | When it comes to the environment, David Schoenbrod believes the EPA is the problem and democracy is the solution

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