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Issue: "Into thin air," Aug. 23, 2014

‘Hope and help for the poor’

July 12  I framed the picture of Armado Obando and his family smiling in front of their hovel in Nicaragua to remind myself, and inquiring visitors, that “one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”
—H. Eberhard Roell, Boulder, Colo.

‘Married to Darwin’

July 12  I taught over 6,000 public school students before retiring in 2011, and have seen firsthand the results of “sacrificing the children.” A God without miracles, a cross without a Savior from sin, and a Bible without truth leave little room for any vestiges of Christianity.
—Dave Klatt, Sebring, Fla.

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I really liked this column exposing the impossibility of “theistic evolution.” Marvin Olasky mentioned how WORLD has stood its ground for the Word of God during translation controversies and the evolution debate. You have also stood up to a very militant homosexual movement. I will subscribe as long as WORLD defends biblical truth.
—Dick Dickerson, Mechanicsville, Va.

Sound, biblical theology stands or falls on our belief in the veracity of Genesis 1-3. Thank you for standing with the truth of God’s Word.
—Terry Pruett, White City, Ore.

The adjective “theistic” does not legitimize “theistic evolution” any more than “theistic deception.” God’s clear Word trumps evolution of any description.
—Michael DuMez, Oostburg, Wis.

Students indeed have a dilemma when they face, on one hand, professors who teach evolution using verifiable data on the ancient age of the universe and, on the other, pastors who insist on a young earth. But the Intelligent Design community is doing an excellent job documenting the problems with evolution while old earth creationists treat the Bible as God’s inspired Word and science with respect, differentiating fact from interpretation.
—Jean Hutchinson, Salinas, Calif.

I appreciate that WORLD refuses to give in to intimidation by secular science. As a physicist, I strongly believe that Darwinism can’t possibly be right and that the standard view that the universe is billions of years old is proving to be scientifically untenable, as shown by the rich literature supporting a young earth approach.
—Chris Lyndon, Centreville, Va.

The PCUSA and other mainline denominations made choices in the 1930s about God’s Word, and look where they are today. Now too many evangelical churches no longer teach creation as God said it happened. Either we believe the whole Bible or none of it matters.
—Roland Ward, Salem, Ore.

‘An ingenious exegesis’

July 12  Regarding N.T. Wright’s compromised position on Genesis, the main problem with theistic evolution is that it posits a world broken long before man appears, a world in which death, disease, and billions of years of suffering were the norm before the fall. Is that the world God declared “very good”? Is that the state to which creation will someday be restored?
—Bob Srigley, Charlottesville, Va.

‘Humble pie’

July 12  This column about Andrée Seu Peterson’s employment woes reminded us of a saying: “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” It has proved true in our life, and we’re sure it’s proving true in hers too.
—Steve & Barbara Coffman, San Diego, Calif.

One of my favorite verses is Micah 6:8, which instructs us to “walk humbly with your God.” Could a slice of humble pie now and then be part of a balanced diet? I think so.
—Mervin L. Bruckhart, Lititz, Pa.

Peterson commented that whether everyone is stupid in something and smart in something is more than she can know. This I know: Her column is top-tier in meaningful thought and insightful reflections on the state of humanity.
—Norman D. Johns, Richfield, Kan.

‘Historic leave-taking’

July 12  Marriage, representing Christ and His bride, is a profound mystery; no wonder Satan seeks to distort and pervert it. I believe we are witnessing the great “falling away,” and so we know that our Bridegroom comes soon.
—Carolyn Anne Venable, Houston, Texas

Your quote of J. Gresham Machen calling the Church of Rome a “perversion of the Christian religion” in an article about the PCUSA’s endorsement of same-sex marriage only irritates your loyal Catholic readership. Please concentrate your literary fire on the real enemies of God’s kingdom.
—Peter Broda, North Charleston, S.C.

‘The maestro’

July 12  This was a culturally uplifting and spiritually engaging article on conductor Manfred Honeck. Arts-related articles are food for the body, mind, and soul.
—Brian Nixon, Albuquerque, N.M.

‘Deliver Us from Evil’

July 12  Sophia Lee’s movie review was excellent. As C.S. Lewis warned us, the two equal errors in considering the devil are to dismiss him as a cartoon or to give him too much of our focus, to the detriment of a joyful grasp of the glorious gospel.
—Alec Woodhull, Rockford, Tenn.


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