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Churches unite, call for peace in St. Louis

"Churches unite, call for peace in St. Louis" Continued...

The incident has united churches in the St. Louis area as congregations of different denominations and races come together to pray for the city. Burton said the church must teach its youth to submit to authorities rather than fall for the mindset that “I don’t need to obey the police because they’ve done something wrong.” At Higgins’ multiethnic church, prayer meetings have attracted both believers and non-believers hoping to find peace amid the turmoil. Churches have also spilled onto the streets of Ferguson as members help clean up the city, choirs sing psalms from the sidewalks, seminary students attend forums, and spoken-word artists speak of their ultimate hope.

“It is not a surprise to me to see churches united,” Higgins said. “This is what we all want, not only to unite during the joyful times, but to behave as one body of Christ when the visible body of Christ must be present on earth. It’s beautiful.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

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