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Issue: "China's abortion regime," July 26, 2014

‘Day of reckoning’

June 14  The articles on GM’s culpability in ignoring fatal car defects and the exposé on the government’s cozy relationship with big banks (“Too big to jail,” June 14) give citizens knowledge and insight into issues that affect them. I found the cover story especially endearing because of Lance Cooper’s dogged determination to get down to the facts and then hold those responsible up to the light of ethics and the law.
—Ed Schick, Brunswick, Ohio

Jamie Dean did a great job telling us what really went on in the Melton family’s lawsuit against General Motors. We should never forget how one person can make a difference.
—Paul Matlock, Pagosa Springs, Colo.

‘Let’s be reasonable’

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June 14  Janie B. Cheaney describes marriage as the union of one man and one woman for the purpose of begetting and nourishing children. I would add that it is the very heart of the created order, the source and means of growth of the human race. God’s judgment is at the gate when government institutionalizes and churches bless same-sex “marriage.”
—William Camp, Pike, N.H.

The world is changing so fast I can’t keep up. Just when I thought we were making good progress in the abortion debate, along comes gay marriage like a tornado. Now we have federal judges overturning state laws and voter mandates as if they were written in disappearing ink. It seems we have been ambushed in the culture war, but our job is not to give up.
—Robert Hill, Lakeland, Fla.

‘Repeated exposure’

June 14  Andrée Seu Peterson is right about how our cultural attitudes gradually change: through repeated exposure. Especially if we are regular TV watchers, our attitudes change so gradually we hardly know what happens to us.
—Linda Ames Nicolosi, Encino, Calif.

My first year in Africa we had no TV, so when I came home I was shocked by what my Christian friends were watching. By the end of that year-long home assignment, I was amazed by what I was watching. Now that I’m retired, I try to avoid watching negative things, but our whole culture bombards us daily. It’s a battle.
—John Hosie, Rumford, Maine

‘Grandpa J and the VA’

June 14  I commend Joel Belz for acknowledging that in government, as in all walks of life, some bureaucrats are “sincere and devoted providers.” Christians must resist our culture’s tendency to belittle particular groups, and the controversy surrounding the VA would have made those workers easy targets.
—John Nelson, San Antonio, Texas

‘Honoring Dad’

June 14  I too miss my father and wish he were here. Despite his mental struggles, he led me to a deep-seated, Calvinistic faith, uprooting our family from a comfortable setting and moving to Iowa to attend a Christian Reformed Church and enter a Christian school system. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices, financial and otherwise, my father made for us.
—Pete Andreas, Pella, Iowa

‘Hashtag wars’

June 14  There are no adults in the White House. Keep turning up the heat, and keep letting us know about those in Washington who understand the problems so we can encourage them.
—Jim Richardson, Oro Valley, Ariz.

‘Reflective journey’

May 31  Sophia Lee’s account of her train journey made me want to take in the America that surrounds me daily but that I rarely notice. Finding pleasure in the mundane and taking time to notice the sights, sounds, and smells around us seems to be a forgotten art these days.
—Riley Frambes, Seattle, Wash.

I like WORLD, but can stomach only so many articles about things we need to pray for. I was about to put down this issue until later when I turned to Lee’s article and wondered, “What’s this about?” I enjoyed it very much.
—Kevin Davis, Woodland-Kamiah, Idaho

Lee’s reflections brought back many memories of cross-country travel on Amtrak in the ’80s. But since when does the definition of “lady” include a person who “spew[s] f-bombs for 13 hours.” My dictionary’s definition describes a woman with “refined habits and gentle manners.” I suppose this is something else we of advanced years must accept.
—Penny Leusink, West Bend, Wis.

‘Sky watch’

May 31  People are concerned about surveillance programs, but I think people would do well to remember the supreme surveillance program. As it says in Hebrews, “all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”
—Paul E. Yoder, Union, W.Va.

‘Pattern of deception’

May 31  Thanks again for another great issue. It seems as though the administration deceives us on almost every subject, with officials thinking they can create their own version of “truth.” Perhaps the most significant are the deceptions regarding Benghazi. That debacle was no “accident.”
—Pete Malone, St. Charles, Ill.


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