Far from home

"Far from home" Continued...

Issue: "China's abortion regime," July 26, 2014

Chris, an OB-GYN physician who specializes in treating infertility, says the hardest part for him is feeling utterly helpless. “As the man of the family, I am sort of wired to go kill the bear. That’s my job. I want to go fix the problem.” He says this waiting and longing has made him understand his patients more. “It’s very humbling and very hard.”

Chris gets teary when he thinks about what he’ll say to them when they get home. “I’ll say that you are here. No matter what for the rest of your life you are a part of this family. You are unconditionally accepted. We are broken, we make big mistakes, but you are a part of us. We are glad you are here.”

Until then, Marianne keeps a pile of booster car seats, clothes, and supplies in the middle of their master bedroom. She says it is a daily reminder every morning that their family is not complete: “These car seats are going to rot until we get them home.”

Kiley Crossland
Kiley Crossland

Kiley is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course. She and her husband live in Denver, Colo.


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