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Issue: "2014 Books Issue," June 28, 2014

‘The edge of extinction’

May 17  Your cover story on the persecution of Christians in Iraq was excellent. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, over 70 million Christians have been martyred since Christ walked the earth, and 45 million were martyred in the 20th century alone. Finally, the war against Christians is receiving the press it deserves.
—Jerry Bergman, Archbold, Ohio

‘Life in the shadows’

May 17  I was very disappointed by your report on the deportation of illegal immigrants. You suggest that such heartrending stories are common and Maria’s family is “one of millions” separated by the Obama administration’s program of increased deportations. However, Sen. Jeff Sessions reported recently that 98 percent of those deported in recent years were either convicted criminals, caught attempting to cross the border illegally, or fugitives.
—Grant Zimmerman, Cleveland, Ohio

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We live in a time when there is respect for neither this country’s laws nor its sovereign borders. People here illegally should go back to their home countries with their children and return through proper legal channels. Then they would no longer be “in the shadows.”
—Thomas Edward Long, Winter Park, Fla.

Maria and Angel “decided to stay” beyond their visa. They made a decision that was illegal and unethical. When assigning blame for their current predicament they need look no further than their bathroom mirror.
—Gayle Robinson, Raleigh, N.C.

While we all agree our immigration system needs to be fixed, badly, we cannot start off pardoning those who knowingly break our laws.
—Dale Shattuck, Lansing, Mich.

‘Water resistance’

May 17  The plight of drought-ravaged California farmers reminded me of the bumper sticker that reads, “NO FARMS, NO FOOD.” I see that and say to myself, “No fooling!”
—Peter Kushkowski, Portland, Conn.

I appreciate many things about WORLD, such as Mindy Belz’s fearless reporting, but this article presents only the views of those who are opposed to the federal and state restrictions on water use. Couldn’t you have quoted a government official or Christian environmentalist who supports those restrictions?
—Kevin J. Kennedy, Haslett, Mich.

‘To train up a Pharisee’

May 3  The main tenets of the Pearls’ teaching are love, respect, relationship, and affection. They emphasize that training in an atmosphere of parent-child fellowship eliminates the need for much discipline. If this is their prescription, and yet the parents administered abuse, how can we blame the doctors?
—Elizabeth Tesone, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

The ominous tone of this article is unjustified. I’ve examined To Train Up a Child, and it advocates nothing like what those criminals did. And allegations from unnamed “critics” and “media voices” are hardly convincing.
—Hannah Malone, Austin, Texas

I am very familiar with Michael Pearl’s materials, and he seems to assume that if people just do what he does they will get the same results. But he is a rare breed, both strict and adoring of his children, and he has underestimated the impact the parents’ personalities have on parenting. 
—Sandi Dallaba, Verona, Pa.

Christian parents know that, bottom line, parenting is about their child’s heart, not how obedient he is. You cannot reason with a 2-year-old, so gradually parents shift from chastisement to counseling their children about heart issues, grace, and everyday gospel living. The Pearls’ book helped us develop a Christ-centered home instead of a child-centered home.
—Richard Driggers, Fort Worth, Texas

‘Silent submission’

May 3  The silence concerning creation in the Christian community is astounding, for the creation account is critical to our Christian faith. Churches should put this issue on the front burner and Christian parents should expose their children to the powerful evidence of a Creator.
—Oscar Thorsland, Liberty, S.C.

The statement that “others who are so restrained that they publicly commit to nothing more specific than intelligent design” seemed off to me. WORLD has reported on scientists and others in academia who have lost their jobs because of such a commitment. It is no small thing.
—Meghan Bowker, Wasilla, Alaska

I believe Christians are scared of the doctrine of creation because they don’t know what the evidence for creation is or that it’s overwhelming. Secularists have done a great job suppressing it.
—Jim Scrobko, Glastonbury, Conn.

‘Coat of many dollars’

May 3  I appreciate the financial struggles Christian colleges are facing, but you didn’t answer whether their programs are worth the high costs. Although there is an element of sticker shock when it’s time to pay the bills, for our four children the benefits of a Christian education—from good friendships to dedicated faculty and staff to opportunities for growth and ministry—make the price one we and our kids are willing to pay. It’s about so much more than money.
—Sara McKay, Fulton, N.Y.


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