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Issue: "Day of reckoning," June 14, 2014

Responsible thief

Alex Cooper would like to thank the thief who stole his car. The Oldham, U.K., 17-year-old discovered his Vauxhall Corsa stolen on May 8. Initially Alex panicked. But then he and his mother remembered they had enabled GPS tracking on the vehicle. The teenager’s prized Corsa was undamaged when they recovered it three hours later. But the best part came next. Because of Alex’s car insurance, the Coopers had a black box device installed in the car monitoring safe driving. The safer Alex drives his car, the cheaper his insurance gets. Normally, Alex scores 7 of 10 points for safe driving. The car thief who took his Corsa on a three-hour joy ride scored a perfect driving score—meaning Alex’s family will get to pay less for the teen’s auto insurance.

Four-legged firefighters

With wildfire season approaching, firefighters in Arizona are encouraging landowners to take precautions to minimize the chance of fueling an incidental fire. For most landowners, that means clearing brush. But for Tanya Baker, owner of Settler Valley Ranch in Dewey, Ariz., that means sending in the goats. Like other Arizonans, Baker is employing goats this year to clear brush and other fire hazards around her property. “They eat pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Baker told KTAR. “They take breaks every now and then to digest, but, if it’s a full moon, they just keep going.”


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