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Issue: "The GOP’s Greg Abbott," May 31, 2014

Fishers of gold

Searching for lost treasure may seem like the stuff of B-movies. But one Tampa, Fla., company is proving that it’s a viable business model. On April 15, a team from Odyssey Marine Exploration used submersible vehicles to locate the shipwreck of the S.S. Central America that sank in 1857 off the coast of South Carolina carrying a veritable boatload of gold. On the first pass, the publicly traded maritime salvage company brought up more than $1 million in gold ingots and coins. Experts expect the shipwreck to yield more than $80 million in gold. According to its contract with companies that lay claim to the treasure, OME will get a large chunk of whatever they recover.

Fun money

It’s the best bit of fun John Erik Tveitdal has had in a while. Testing the strength of an excavator just for “fun” at his job at a garbage dump in Norway, the 22-year-old used the machine’s arm to crush a thrown-away safe. Inside the crushed safe, the Norwegian man found nearly $20,000 in cash. But instead of keeping the loot, the garbage worker handed it over to his boss, who then tracked down the original owner of the safe.


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