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Issue: "The GOP’s Greg Abbott," May 31, 2014

‘Charitable confusion’

April 19  Pastor John Crosby voting in favor of World Vision hiring same-sex married employees is another example of Christians trying to conform to the world instead of standing for truth. Doesn’t Romans 12:2 say we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds? Instead of conforming, shouldn’t we be loving people in God’s truth so much that they begin to seek transformation from the only One who can give it?
—Marty Bruns, Grand Forks, N.D.

Crosby’s statement that World Vision “was trying to figure out how to present itself as Christian in a diverse world” is ludicrous. The answer is simple: Make the Bible the foundation. And Rah’s assertion that leaving theology to others “honors the church as a whole” is just outlandish gibberish.
—Roger A. Faber, Westminster, Colo.

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Thank you for the excellent article. After the initial World Vision statement in support of hiring homosexual couples, we decided to continue supporting our sponsor children in Kenya, whom we have visited twice. Mr. Stearns’ reversal was bittersweet, as it reveals deep trouble within World Vision leadership.
—Kristofer Sandlund, Zanesville, Ohio

If you cannot verify that more than seven of the 17 board members profess faith in Christ, how can it be a Christian organization, and why would you expect it to make biblical decisions?
—Elizabeth Kerr, Ontario, Calif.

‘No mercy’

April 19  I saw the movie, and Ted Baehr’s assertion that Noah “doesn’t significantly stray from the biblical source material” is laughable. Noah wanted to wipe out humanity to save the “innocent” animals and end human life. The “Watchers” appear to be fallen angels who redeem themselves by helping Noah, and Methuselah is a shaman. It seemed more influenced by new age religion, gnostic belief, and environmentalism than Scripture.
—Donna Hayden, Portland, Ore.

This movie’s success unfortunately means Hollywood will continue to remake the Bible according to Hollywood. Just like the serpent in the Garden, Noah takes something that resembles the original message and then distorts it. You envisioned people dusting off their Bibles, but it’s more likely the movie reinforced a negative, hateful image of both God and Christianity.
—David Staats, Fort Collins, Colo.

‘Patient and wise’

April 19  Perhaps 70 percent of our ills would “take care of themselves” without medical attention because the Healer has made our bodies in a fearful and wonderful way. Let’s give credit where credit is due. If we want to think radically, let’s look for healing on the inside and not just the outside.
—Bill Decken, Roebuck, S.C.

I object to the opinion that people should just wait for symptoms to go away; people pay for professional advice because they don’t know whether the symptoms will go away. As for saving money by spending less on medical care in our final year, none of us knows when that will be. Perhaps the care will result in 20 more years. So who gets to decide?
—Elisabeth S. Hall, Anchorage, Alaska

Dr. Payne has spoken well about the end of life. Why do Christians fight so hard to live a few months, weeks, or days longer when we can have confidence in Christ for our eternal home? Long ago I adopted a slogan: “Age gracefully.” I hope my family will witness my faith to the end.
—June Ruyle, Sun City West, Ariz.


April 19  It was only a matter of time before we faced a commercial featuring a same-sex couple or “family.” Soon we’ll face pressure not just to accept but glorify homosexuality; if that sounds too strong, ask the pastors in other countries who have gone to jail for preaching the Word on homosexuality.
—Elaine Neumeyer, Big Canoe, Ga.


April 19  Was President Obama listening to himself when he told Vladimir Putin, regarding Russia’s annexation of Crimea, “No amount of propaganda can make right something the world knows is wrong”? These same words could apply to gay marriage, abortion rights, and even Obamacare.
—Emily Chase, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

‘Turkey’s U-turn’

April 19  Jerry Mattix tells of a life-changing experience in Turkey that gave him a new perspective on life, but the Christian life in the West doesn’t have to be lived on the level of “metaphorical rhetoric.” The New Testament can take on “full color” in our own lives right here. The challenge is to have an attitude of expectation and live on the razor’s edge all the time.
—Kathryn Lee, Indianapolis, Ind.

‘A father’s grief’

April 5  Marvin Olasky’s comments on James Brownson’s recent book are well taken. Those who advocate legitimizing homosexuality seem not to notice how commonly people must live with unfulfilled desires, even biblically valid desires for children or a fulfilling marriage. If a family member’s same-sex desires force us, as Dr. Brownson says he was, “to reimagine how Scripture speaks about homosexuality,” must we also reimagine its language about heterosexuality?
—Bernard R. Grunstra, Bristol, Va.


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