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South Korean pastors: ‘Please pray’

"South Korean pastors: ‘Please pray’" Continued...

Ansan First Presbyterian Church received happy news that one of its six missing students survived. They had spent a tearful Wednesday night service praying for their young members. Right after the service ended late at night, the church held yet another special prayer meeting for the missing passengers.

At least one pastor of other local churches rushed to the tragedy site, while others sought to comfort families, friends, and teachers at Danwon High School. All of them sent out emergency prayer requests through cellphone text messages.

Min Sung Woo, who leads the high school ministry at Ansan Kwanglim Methodist Church, told South Korean newspaper Kookmin Ilbo that when he heard the news, he immediately visualized four of his students who had gone on that ill-fated field trip. “I can’t believe it. In my eyes, I can still see these good kids. I only wish for their safe return,” he said.

Senior pastor Min Kyong Bo sent out text messages to congregation members on Wednesday that stated, “Dear members, please pray that God will look after the lives of our four students and that they’ll return unhurt. And please pray for all the other souls who are also in grave danger.” That night during the emotional service, he announced, “We may not have any conclusion, but we cannot give up on hope.”

The Associated Press, Christian Daily, and Kookmin Ilbo contributed to this report.

Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee

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