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Issue: "Coat of many dollars," May 3, 2014

Quick cutter

In the world of competitive lawn mower racing, Honda has proved itself a cut above. In March, a 1,000cc performance lawn mower dubbed by Honda as “The Mean Mower” raced into the record books with an all-time best speed of 116.5 mph. Piers Ward of the BBC program TopGear set the Guinness World Record mark at a specialty course in Tarragona, Spain. But don’t expect Mean Mower clones to find their way to home improvement retailers: In order fit all the equipment on the speedy mower, builders cannibalized the mulching bin to fit the rig’s enlarged gas tank and radiator.

Cashing out

A Maine man must have thought he had just become a made man. On April 3, a South Portland ATM machine began spewing cash after the man, unidentified by police, tried to make a $140 withdrawal. A woman waiting in line reported the incident to police who arrived to find the man stuffing wads of cash into a shopping bag. Unpersuaded by a “finders keepers” argument, police forced the man to return all the cash—about $37,000 in total—to the bank. Officials at the TD Bank branch say the machine suffered a software error.


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