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"Not by sight" Continued...

Issue: "What price conscience?," April 19, 2014

The film also highlights some of the pressures and temptations that come with fame and includes an appearance by Bethany Hamilton, who shares with the younger surfer some of what she’s learned through her journey.

More than 4,000 people attended the March theater debuts of Beyond Sight in southern California. The film is scheduled to hit select theaters in Idaho, North Carolina, Florida, and several other states in the coming months, and Jennings hopes the word will spread and others will sponsor movie screenings. 

‘God exists and He is present in my life. If I surf, it’s because He gave me this gift and I’m really grateful for this gift.’ —Rabelo

Jennings created WOW—which also hosts surf camps in San Diego during the summer—as an outreach to youth and the global surfing community but says Rabelo’s story has a message that extends beyond the surf world: “God is telling us to turn our eyes off even if they work and stop looking at the circumstances of your life—why you can’t do something—and start looking at God,” Jennings said. “When you get your eyes on God, you start to realize all the reasons you can do something.”

Listen to Jill Nelson’s report on Derek Rabelo on The World and Everything in It:


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