Management mania

"Management mania" Continued...

Issue: "Coat of many dollars," May 3, 2014

Meyer said that for Christian organizations to maintain credibility, board members must remember their duties don’t begin and end with fundraising: “When it comes to corporate governance, board members need to explain what exactly they are overseeing—other than attend retreats that masquerade as oversight sessions. Once you take money from the public for a good cause, you better make sure the cause remains good.”

Teen Mania's beliefs


Teen Mania’s bylaws detail mostly mainstream evangelical beliefs, including adherence to biblical inerrancy, the Trinity, and salvation through Christ alone. Hasz, Saunier, and others credit the ministry with helping many, including themselves. “My life was completely transformed in the two years I worked there,” former communications director Mallette said.

But since 2009 former Teen Mania participants have posted critiques of the ministry on the RecoveringAlumni.com blog. Many, including Jacob Morales, complain of a legalistic environment: “If you don’t conform, you’re not letting Ron Luce down, you’re letting God down.” In his February conference call with supporters, Luce—who apologized to anyone the ministry has hurt—said most Recovering Alumni content is true and Teen Mania has made “a lot of changes” because of it. —J.C.D.

J.C. Derrick
J.C. Derrick

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