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From orphan to advocate

"From orphan to advocate" Continued...

Issue: "What price conscience?," April 19, 2014

TRANSITIONING TO FAMILY: Izidor Ruckel at age 11 with his adoptive father Danny Ruckel.
Photo by Tom Szalay
TRANSITIONING TO FAMILY: Izidor Ruckel at age 11 with his adoptive father Danny Ruckel.
A now-humbled Ruckel reconciled with his adoptive family. He felt God calling him to remind the world of the Romanian orphans’ plight. He describes in Abandoned for Life his realization that “God had loved me while I was in the hospital and had helped me come to America without me even knowing it.” 

Now 33, Ruckel believes the best answer for Romania’s orphans is to reopen the doors to international adoption. To promote that objective, he and a fellow adoptee, filmmaker Alex King, plan to travel to Romania later this year to film a documentary on the children left behind. After all, using video footage to rescue hurting children is something he knows works.

Because of the upcoming documentary, reporters from NPR, The Washington Post, and other newspapers have again descended upon Ruckel. Reporters ask him why he is successful, leading an independent and productive life, while other Romanian adoptees are still struggling. His answer doesn’t usually make it to print: “No human beings can understand what kids go through when traumatized. The reason I live is because God chose me to live for His purpose. It’s the power of Christ.”

Sarah Padbury
Sarah Padbury

Sarah is a writer, editor, and adoption advocate. She is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute's mid-career course. Sarah and her husband live with their six teenagers in Castle Rock, Colo.


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