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Issue: "Blurred Vision," April 5, 2014

Making a stink

Something stinks at The New York Times. Business reporters are complaining that a nearly palpable odor has wafted into their second-floor newsroom from the steakhouse on the first floor. Scribes at the Times, who have named the phenomenon “Meat Cloud,” say the stench has caused burning eyes and respiratory issues for some reporters. Times employees first noticed Meat Cloud last fall but finally in February demanded the company do something about the air quality. On March 7, reporters could put at least some of their fears to rest: Test results released that day revealed the smog burbling into their offices bore no carcinogens or carbon monoxide. To quell complaints from the business desk, the Times is reportedly looking into sealing ductwork and windows.

Cheese snobs

It may taste like feta. It may look like feta. But soon, it may not be called feta. Trade commissioners with the European Union are trying to bar cheesemakers outside Europe from using European names for their cheeses. If the initiative goes through, cheesemakers in the United States—the largest cheese-producing country in the world—may have to find new names for their versions of feta, provolone, swiss, muenster, and parmesan. The final decision may come during EU-U.S. trade negotiations this year. But EU negotiators have had some success. A deal brokered with Canada forced Canadian cheesemakers to brand “feta-style” cheese rather than “feta.” 


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