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Issue: "Blurred Vision," April 5, 2014

‘The Calvinist’s temptation’

Feb. 8  It seems to me that the desire to “take shortcuts and forget about dying to self” would be a great temptation for any born-again person, Calvinist or not.
—Gabe Stickling, Morton, Ill.

‘The thin veneer’

Feb. 8  Mindy Belz worries about how close we are to a dystopian future, but we must continue to believe God can multiply our results, as He did with the loaves and fishes. Otherwise, we lose our joy and feel like giving up.
—Beth Turner, Isleton, Calif.

‘Single but not solitary’

Feb. 8  As a 20-year-old Christian lady, I did not like this article’s tone. We regard singleness as a curse, but the apostle Paul declared, in opposition to today’s philosophy, the glories of singleness for the furtherance of the gospel more than the blessings of marriage itself. What right have we to call His will for our lives a mistake or misunderstanding? Let us stay in our appointed season.
—Jeanette Dillard, Spring Branch, Texas

‘Challenges and blessings’

Feb. 8  This column reminded me of my husband of 47 years who went to be with the Lord in 2012. After he retired, he wanted to be involved in Christian ministries but within a few years developed a rare neurological disease. I too was “annoyed” at these circumstances, but God held us through it all until the morning he went to be with Jesus. As I contemplate my life now, filled with children, grandchildren, and friends, I also praise God for giving me “the right husband at exactly the right time.”
—Estelle Clancy, Bellefonte, Pa.

‘Still-silent shepherds’

Jan. 25  All four of the reasons in this article for why pastors are reluctant to preach against abortion fail to hold water. The result of cowardice in the pulpit is cowardice in the pews. Pastors should forget the collection plate and abandon their fears.
—Beryl Clemens Smith, Auburn, Calif.

‘Agencies gone rogue’

Jan. 25  This column was critical of the DEA and ATF, but the men and women who work in these agencies risk their lives in the war against illegal drugs, alcohol, and firearms. No agency or person is perfect, but our community is better each time the men and women in these agencies go to battle here.
—Beth Stahl, Kingsland, Texas

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