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A lifelong love for strangers

"A lifelong love for strangers" Continued...

“I’ve seen how he treats everybody, shows them respect and love,” she said. “In my mind he is a saint, a holy man.”

Even as the Dicks passed retirement age, they didn’t see their work end. In their mid-70s, the Dicks helped found Guardian Angels, an organization developing foster family homes for children. Working in partnership with Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, they currently have two homes and are starting to build a third. Today the group has 40 children under its care, with nine placed for adoption last year.

“We feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, house the homeless, and visit the sick and imprisoned,” Dick said. “As Christians, many of our friends say they’re going to pray for what God wants them to do. This is my philosophy and I’m sure it’s Joanne’s: I see something that needs doing and I say let’s do it and ask for God’s support.”

Dick Peterson
Dick Peterson

Dick lives in Summerville, S.C., is a former newspaper reporter and editor, and is now a freelance writer and caregiver for his wife with multiple sclerosis.


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