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Gun nut

The principal of a Chicagoland high school is up in arms over new, postcard-sized anti-gun stickers—but not because she supports the Second Amendment. Tinley Park High School principal Theresa Nolan opposed the stickers because they feature an image of a gun. The state is requiring schools throughout Illinois to display the 4-inch by 6-inch sticker that features a black gun with a red circle and slash superimposed on top. Nolan told the Southtown Star that her students could somehow misinterpret the sign as being an invitation to bring guns to school.

Wine of the times

One quandary whenever the president of France makes a visit to the United States: What sort of wine should be served at the state dinner? Standard executive branch custom requires American wines to be served at official state dinners, and the Feb. 11 state dinner during French President François Hollande’s February visit to the United States proved no exception. The Obama White House served three types of American wines at the function with Hollande. But on his blog, Dr. Vino, wine critic Tyler Colman said the bottles served at the White House were too cheap—especially considering the guest of honor was representing perhaps the most wine-crazy nation on earth. The bottles averaged $40 per. President George W. Bush faced similar criticism in 2004 when he served a $100 bottle to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. At the time, the Washington Examiner accused Bush of “going down the Costco route.”


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