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"Mailbag" Continued...

We all got a kick out of the dog translation device. If our dog Oscar had to wear that he’d be saying, “What is this?! What are those people trying to do to me now? It’s just like those stupid antlers at Christmas! Get it off!”
—The Perkins Family, Hettinger, N.D.

‘Agencies gone rogue’

Jan. 25  The DEA and the ATF aren’t the only ones recruiting spies and then hanging them out to dry. Our local paper, The Gazette, reported last month that an Air Force agency did the same thing to a small number of cadets in the Air Force Academy it recruited to spy on classmates. They were ordered to break rules and lie if necessary to keep their cover. The agency promised to protect them if they were caught, but it reneged and at least one of these recruits was expelled last year just weeks before graduation.
—Doris Stanford, Colorado Springs, Colo.

‘Disparate impact’

Jan. 25  Thanks for injecting some much-needed balance and history into the discussion of “Palestine.”
—Clarence Grafton, Lynch Station, Va.

Without disagreeing with Andrée Seu Peterson’s conclusions about the Impact: Holy Land conference, I was struck by her claim “that ‘Palestinian’ is not an ethnicity at all but a cobbled invention describing” people of various extractions. Rather like “American,” is it not? Both refer to national identities, which are human inventions but still very real.
—Daniel Zimmerman, East Earl, Pa.

‘Prophetic error’

Jan. 25  The Mormon church removed its ban of blacks from its temples 35 years ago but continues to ban Christian parents (and others who have not “received their endowment”) from the weddings of their Mormon children. When will it acknowledge this family-damaging prophetic error and reverse it?
—Bob Tozier, Fairfax, Va.

‘Going public’

Jan. 11  I have been a monthly supporter of the American Bible Society for years, but after reading the exposé of extravagant and careless spending and the firing of Douglas Birdsall, I am regretfully withdrawing my support.
—Nancy Hull Ngele, Carson City, Mich.


Texas prisoner James Zarychta is eligible for parole in March 2028 (“Dead seriousness,” Oct. 19, 2013, p. 41).

T’s involuntary treatment led to her being escorted to the hospital by police, not arrested (“Broken minds, broken lives,” Feb. 22, 2014, p. 52).

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