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Issue: "Getting paid not aid," Feb. 22, 2014

‘Tidings of discomfort and joy’

Dec. 28  I appreciate Jamie Dean’s angle on The Episcopal Church exodus. I’m so grateful to the saints who did the right thing even when it hurt, and that they understood how God blessed them through it. I choked up when I read 16-year-old Sara’s quote: “It’s how we learned to be the body of Christ outside church walls. … It was painful, but it was painful with a purpose.”
—Deborah Ung, Naperville, Ill.

‘Pay for play’

Dec. 28  As someone who has attended Baltimore Orioles games before and after the construction of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I was surprised to read that promises to revitalize the city’s downtown “remain unfulfilled.” I cannot speak for tax revenue, but Camden Yards has clearly had a tremendous influence in the revitalization of the Inner Harbor area.
—Jason B. Watson, Miller, S.D.

‘Going to extremes’

Dec. 14  This column about ideological purity made me think of a line conservatives could use against liberals: “Extremism in defense of vice is not liberty.”
—Greg Boyd, Merced, Calif.

‘Waiting and singing’

Dec. 28  A very timely and true column, but regarding the comment that Christ came “because He wanted to, not because He had to,” I must demure. He had to: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” I recently turned 80, and as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how God’s love is so inexplicable.
—David S. Samsel, Carson City, Nev.

‘The mouth is a country’

Dec. 14  This brilliant column gave me a whole different perspective on spiritual gifts. I love the subtle and not-so-subtle ways Andrée Seu Peterson opens our eyes and points us to Christ, encouraging us to jettison so much stuff that hinders that most precious relationship.
—Linda-Lee Bowman, Baltimore, Md.

‘The house that Steven built’

Dec. 14  Jesus warned us that we will know false prophets by their fruit, and I can’t help but think of that passage when someone like Steven Furtick surfaces with all his questionable behavior. The people attending Elevation should apply two powers: the power of discernment and the power of the checkbook.
—Ed Ludeke, Tucson, Ariz.


Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana in November of 2012 (Dispatches, Jan. 25, p. 9).

The former U.S. Surgeon General who spoke against abortion was C. Everett Koop (“Still-silent shepherds,” Jan. 25, p. 42).

The Wolf of Wall Street is rated R (“Box Office Top 10,” Jan. 25, p. 23).

Jared Loughner committed mass murder in Tucson, Ariz. (“Saving Seth,” Feb. 8, p. 45).

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