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State-level surge

"State-level surge" Continued...

Issue: "The wonder of life," Jan. 25, 2014

But Matt Krause, a freshman legislator who as a sixth-grader wrote about his hope that abortions would end, was unfazed: “I would much rather pro-abortion individuals yell, ‘Shame on you,’ and the Lord say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’”

The Texas battle continues. Pro-abortion donors waving green dollars will try to drive out of the legislature Stickland’s blue and pink paper and Laubenberg’s white baby shoes. Laubenberg’s 2014 likely general election opponent, funded by Planned Parenthood, recently bought a house in the district just to run against her.

And the war goes on in other states. Last year California approved a law allowing nonphysicians to perform surgical abortions, and Barack Obama became the first president to ever speak at a Planned Parenthood event.

JOHN MARK McCORD, the tiny baby born prematurely during the 2013 legislative session, proved to be strong, once pulling out his own breathing tube. His parents spent hours watching a blue line on a computer screen showing their son’s oxygen saturation levels.

SURVIVOR: John and Mia McCord with John Mark.
Handout photo
SURVIVOR: John and Mia McCord with John Mark.
On May 3, 23 days after her son’s birth, Mia got to hold him for the first time. She eventually returned to work. Whenever John Mark’s vital signs dropped, nurses called her. She’d rush over to the hospital from the Capitol and hold her baby next to her heart. His vital signs always improved.

He is living at home now. Sometimes he comes to the Capitol with his mother. State Sen. Hancock gladly turns his office into a nursery. “There is no telling what he will do in life,” Hancock mused. “We will get to find out now. [With] how many other babies will we not get to find out?”

Alissa Robertson contributed to this story.


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