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Issue: "The Battle for Africa," Feb. 8, 2014

‘Men on the street’

Nov. 30  Your article on street evangelism was interesting and balanced. I believe there is room for everyone when it comes to proclaiming Jesus. If we are too combative some people will take offense, but if we serve without words some people will not recognize we are proclaiming Christ.
—Mervin Auchtung, Holland, Mich.

‘Adoption under fire’

Nov. 16  Thank you for the compelling article about the challenges facing international adoption. My heart aches for the orphan children and their prospective adoptive families who have been caught in the middle. May this raise awareness of the great need of God’s precious children and encourage others to take action.
—Micala Siler, Alexandria, Va.

‘The high cost of negligence’

Nov. 2  Abusers of all kinds, and sometimes their friends and families, have similar characteristics, including denial and protecting the abuser from dealing with his problems. God bless all who commit themselves to breaking through this and helping those who are trapped.
—Kathryn Lee, Indianapolis, Ind.

‘Dead seriousness’

Oct. 19  Thank you for this carefully researched article on the death penalty and the commentary, “Better off dead?” My concern is the need to meet the biblical standard of two or three witnesses. Could not the automatic appeal process and the need to meet other legal safeguards before execution occurs meet the requirement?
—Steve Thompson, Oak Harbor, Wash.

I strongly disagree that “[t]he Bible sets a very high bar for capital punishment, and the American legal system today rarely reaches it.” The American standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the toughest the world has ever seen. Can we please keep sympathy focused where it belongs, on the victim and their loved ones?
—James Gaylord, Fullerton, Calif.

‘Fleeting images’

Oct. 19  We appreciated the article addressing pornography. It is extremely difficult to escape its infiltration into every aspect of culture. We stopped watching TV 20 years ago, but now suggestive material is even creeping into mainstream news websites. We’re very disappointed.
—Fred & Wendy Smith,  Colorado Springs, Colo.


Tom Clancy’s book The Hunt for Red October became a Hollywood blockbuster (“2013 departures,” Jan. 11, p. 62); Howard Phillips was the founder of the Conservative Caucus (p. 67).

Russell Moore and his wife Maria had three biological children after they adopted two boys from Russia (“To protect and project,” Dec. 28, p. 44).

Copepods react within 2 or 3 milliseconds to escape from predator seahorses (“By the numbers,” Dec. 28, p. 60).

Global Aid Network is the overseas humanitarian arm of the ministry Cru (“Suffering servants,” Dec. 14, p. 65).

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