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Issue: "The wonder of life," Jan. 25, 2014

‘Eat no evil’

Nov. 30  Excellent article. Food manufacturers who adulterate processed food with addictive substances are sinning. The answer is educating parents.
—Katherine Christy, Lake Mary, Fla.

‘Dying of old age’

Nov. 30  I have enjoyed WORLD’s reporting on the Affordable Care Act. The players benefiting the most from these laws are in a symbiotic relationship, including politicians, lawyers, and the medical and insurance industries. We have created national anxiety about asset protection and then laws that force people to pay for protection.
—Dean Bachelor, Lancaster, Ohio

‘Navigating the rapids’

Nov. 30  Thanks for navigating the rapids for readers. Regarding capital punishment, deciding if someone was a murderer may have been simpler in Bible times. There weren’t high-powered lawyers and lazy law enforcement officials determined to pin the crime on someone, although life in prison gives the system an opportunity to correct mistakes.
—Barbara DeVault, Lakeland, Fla.

‘School of hard knocks’

Nov. 30  As a full-time student who also works full time, I don’t appreciate your portrayal of North Carolina State students. Televisions and video games are hardly the focal point of the library, which is usually packed. The Retreat, a private enterprise unaffiliated with the university, houses less than 2 percent of students, yet you define us using images of cottages with tanning beds and a giant pool.
—Michelle Orlowski, Raleigh, N.C.

‘Adoption under fire’

Nov. 16  My husband and I have adopted a baby boy from South Korea and two teen girls from Liberia. We know many fellow Christians who have adopted internationally and several have had significant problems. The costs are exorbitant; the paperwork, red tape, and delays are endless; and Reactive Attachment Disorder is the elephant in the room. I love my children, but the system is broken.
—Jaelle Eby, Farmington Hills, Mich.


Missionary Steve Strauss, who died June 11, joined Dallas Theological Seminary in 2010 (Departures, Jan. 11, p. 69).

Gluten-free bread includes no wheat (“American bounty,” Nov. 30, cover).

Claire Davis
Davis Family
Claire Davis
We ran the wrong photo with “Another school shooting” (Jan. 11). Here’s a photo of the shooting victim, Claire Davis. We regret the error.

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