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Cease-fire in South Sudan

"Cease-fire in South Sudan" Continued...

South Sudanese often pick Christian names for their children as well. Daau said the practice has waned a bit, as some Africans connect the idea to British colonialism, but Daau and his wife think of such names as “symbols to imitate biblical characters or as a way to retell our Christian story in the lives of believers.”

The couple asked a spiritual mentor—also the pastor who performed their wedding ceremony—to choose a Christian name. He chose “Abraham,” which means “father of many” and brings a reminder that the gospel transcends the ethnic and tribal identities that often divide nations.

Abraham is the second son born to Daau and his wife, but Daau said the joyous occasion is mixed with grief. “Abraham has the privilege to be born in the hospital, but thousands of children currently in South Sudan have no access,” he wrote. “We enjoy these services while grieving and remembering thousands of women and children currently suffering in South Sudan.”

Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean

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