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Beyond the problems and protests in Egypt

"Beyond the problems and protests in Egypt" Continued...

Even outside the church, while strife permeates many elements of life in Egypt, peaceful interludes outweigh stressful episodes and people find ways to flourish, keep a sense of humor, and make their homeland as welcoming as possible. Several Egyptians have asked me: “What do you think of Egypt and what do you tell your friends?” They wince and wait for me to say something like, “There are guns, tanks and protests everywhere. This place isn’t safe!” A smile reappears when I truthfully reply, “The Egyptians I have met are warm, open, and friendly. I tell my friends that as long as you steer clear of hot spots and stay calm while attempting to cross the street, this is a good place to be—not the place you might imagine after watching the news.”

While the boab’s proclamation, “In Egypt—no problems,” is false enough to be an intentional joke, it’s certainly not “all problems” here either.


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