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Actively engaged in the abortion battle

"Actively engaged in the abortion battle" Continued...

Let us help. Let us walk with you. How can we serve you? How can we encourage you? Oh that we wouldn’t be unmoved around this issue. Oh that we’d feel the weight of the fight we’ve been called to. If not us, who? Even in the amount of time I’ve spent with you today, there have been dozens and dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of baby girls and baby boys murdered for the sake of convenience. We walk with enough people here at The Village Church to know if a pregnancy even becomes endangered, they’re encouraged that way.

In fact, I was just talking to a young man in our church. They gave birth prematurely to twins. The water broke at 24 weeks. It looked like the first baby was in a lot of distress. The doctor said, “Hey, the best thing for you guys, the best thing for your wife, the best thing for this baby is to abort the first one so the second one might live.” They scoffed at that.

Little Titus was born. He didn’t make it long before he died, but we held in our hands in that hospital room a fully shaped, fully formed little boy with a little nose and a little mouth and little ears. He only lived about 25-30 minutes, but he lived. His little brother made it full on and is alive and well and growing. This is the fight we’re caught up in. To be indifferent is to make us complicit with this travesty. So across all of our campuses, we have set up tables in the foyer with either advocacy and pregnancy centers or adoption agencies or ways you can connect, ways you can get involved, ways you can begin to engage.

I pray you’d be moved to write your governors, to write your senators and your congressmen and congresswomen, that we might put up a good fight in our day so 20 years from now, we can go, “I marched with King. I marched with King. I didn’t just sit at home and hope. I marched with King.” That would be my hope for us as the people of God. Roe v. Wade started here in Dallas. It would be awesome to see it crushed here in Dallas. Let’s pray.

Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler

Matt is the lead pastor of teaching at The Village Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and president of the Acts 29 Network.


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