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Phil and Kay Robertson renewing their wedding vows on <i>Duck Dynasty</i>
Phil and Kay Robertson renewing their wedding vows on Duck Dynasty

WORLD’s Top 25 columns for 2013

2013 News of the Year | The 25 columns that generated the most reader traffic on WORLD’s website this year

1. Solving the Duck Dynasty mystery

TELEVISION | We wish we could have what the Robertsons have | By D.C. Innes | Aug. 26

2. Culture creep

SEXUAL ABUSE | How an ‘orientation’ is born | By Andrée Seu Peterson | Feb. 9

3. Read about abortion reality, if you dare

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ABORTION | A former abortionist tells the truth | By Marvin Olasky | May 24

4. Duck Dynasty wins! GLAAD loses!

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY | A&E reverses its decision to suspend Phil Robertson | By Marvin Olasky | Dec. 27

5. Communion on the moon

RELIGION | Former astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin celebrated the Lord’s Supper on the moon 44 years ago | By Marvin Olasky | July 24

6. Who stands with Syria’s Christians?

SYRIA | Thousands called to halt U.S. military action but few mobilize to protect their brethren | By Mindy Belz | Sept. 20

7. What the Supreme Court decision means

SUPREME COURT | Justice Antonin Scalia offers a warning in his DOMA dissent | By Marvin Olasky | June 26

8. Kevin Ware, Luke Hancock, and Jesus

SPORTS | Louisville players glorify God in victory and during duress | By Marvin Olasky | April 10

9. Courtroom horror

ABORTION | The shocking part of the Kermit Gosnell trial isn’t only what’s illegal | By Andrée Seu Peterson | April 19

10. Weekend Reads: Pastors past and present pointing to Christ

BOOKS | Reviews of The Face of Christ and Christ’s Glory, Your Good | By Caleb Nelson | April 27

11. MacArthur vs. Driscoll: It’s discouraging to young Christians like me

RELIGION | The two leave no room for discourse, reasonableness, or humble dialogue | By Barnabas Piper | Oct. 25

12. Reading the bombing suspect’s 1,098 tweets

BOSTON BOMBINGS | A lot of braggadocio and a lot of alienation | By Marvin Olasky | April 19

13. Have mercy on those who memorized the classic NIV

RELIGION | Better hold onto your battered, duct-taped Bibles | By Marvin Olasky | March 23

14. Girls: Beware of what you wear

CULTURE | Guidance is needed from the church and parents | By La Shawn Barber | July 31

15. Gay marriage: You will be made to care

MARRIAGE | Gay rights advocates will force the issue with Christians | By Marvin Olasky | April 1

16. Duck Dynasty: ‘Going to shoot him? The woman? Me?’

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY | Where does it end? | By Marvin Olasky | Dec. 19

17. Today’s Times propaganda

SCIENCE | Newspaper proclaims rat-size animal as our ancestor, but where’s the evidence? | By Marvin Olasky | Feb. 8

18. Duck Dynasty and natural law

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY | A WORLD reader offers his opinion on the controversy swirling around Phil Robertson | By Marvin Olasky | Dec. 24

19. As she lay dying

FAMILY | On Mother’s Day, how do you honor an ornery mom? | By Marvin Olasky | May 3

20. Love when you cannot trust

FAITH & INSPIRATION | Love requires exposing ourselves with full knowledge that the object of love cannot be trusted | By Barnabas Piper | June 21

21. Who was Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

BOSTON BOMBINGS | Details on the life of the suspected and now dead Boston Marathon bomber | By Marvin Olasky | April 19

22. Fawning over falsehood

RELIGION | NPR praises Reza Aslan’s poorly researched book on Jesus | By Marvin Olasky | July 15

23. Another beautiful mouth to feed

FAMILY | Why children aren’t merely resource-intensive carbon-emitters | By Jeff Koch | Nov. 16

24. Stretch marks

MARRIAGE | Marriage isn’t about finding the perfect mate, but rather the process of being perfected | By Andrée Seu Peterson | June 28

25. Egypt! Egypt! A Meditation for Today

POETRY | A news poem on why we should care about Egypt’s newest misery | By John Piper | Aug. 15

Mickey McLean
Mickey McLean

Mickey is executive editor of WORLD Digital. He lives in North Carolina with his wife, daughter, and a dog/administrative assistant named Daisy.


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