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Issue: "Tidings of discomfort and joy," Dec. 28, 2013

‘Science supremacists’

Nov. 2  Steven Pinker’s position looks like it was stripped from the pages of C.S. Lewis’ science fiction novel, That Hideous Strength. It appears to be a resurgence of logical positivism (if it ever faded). Should Pinker ever become chairman of the humanities table, his approach means that he would soon be the only one at the table.
—Bryan MacPhail-Fausey, Fenton, Mich.

‘The high cost of negligence’

Nov. 2  Thanks for the article on reporting sexual abuse. A few years ago a relative called me crying because her brother, who had abused her in childhood, had violated her daughter. She initially refused to call the police because “it would destroy” her family, but turned him in when her pastor said he had to if she wouldn’t. Now her brother is in prison. She kept this secret for 25 years and as a result others became victims. I hope your article will encourage others to report sexual abuse.
—Jone Reid, Winston-Salem, N.C.

‘Dead seriousness’

Oct. 19  As well as asking, “How many innocent people die because we enforce the death penalty?” we should also ask, “How many innocent people die because we fail to enforce the death penalty?”
—Charles Hodges, Louisville, Ky.

Thank you for this thoughtful treatise. I thought I already had a biblical perspective on capital punishment, having been taught years ago that Genesis 9 was the final word. I appreciated the challenge to my conviction and am persuaded that I’ve been wrong all these years.
—Beverly Jacobson, Naples, Italy

Many Scriptures emphasize that the object of putting an offender to death was to eliminate an evil influence from society. Our system has executed innocent people, but the alternative of life in prison is also barbaric and does not really “purge the evil from among you.” Thank you for an insightful article.
—Paul E. Leightner, Pisgah Forest, N.C.

Andrée Seu Peterson

I recently spent a profitable morning reading through many of Andrée Seu Peterson’s columns in the WORLD online archive. She helps us see the obvious, remember simple truths, and learn from everyday life. 
—Amy Tanaka, Poulsbo, Wash.

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The U.S. commitment to take 10,000 Syrian refugees is 0.5 percent of the number of asylum seekers (“Give me your tired,” Nov. 16, p. 32).

Jennie and Mike Landreth have been married 18 years and have three children, the oldest adopted domestically (“Not Annie The Musical,” Nov. 30, p. 44).

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