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Hollywood’s conservative culture shift

"Hollywood’s conservative culture shift" Continued...

For conservatives who want to have more of a voice in the culture, in media, in entertainment, what is the answer? What is the key to effecting cultural change? It’s a really interesting moment because technology is undermining the gatekeepers, and the gatekeepers are almost all of one mind. They almost all come out of this left-wing academy, they’re all trained in things that you must say, certain questions you can’t ask, certain words that can’t be used. They call it political correctness, but it’s really just tyranny. It’s tyranny of the mind. Yet at the same time you have YouTube, where you can get 15,000,000 hits on something where there was no gatekeeper. You have e-publishing where you don’t need an editor to decide what’s going to be in something. You have all these new technologies that are just bypassing that phalanx of cultural guardians, and so what I would say is that it’s time for young people, for all people, for all creative people to be fearless. To fearlessly speak out for those ideas that are unpopular. The ideas of God, the idea of life, the idea of the importance of the individual. Those have always been minority points of view that need to be defended by fearless people, and that has to happen again. And technology might well allow that to happen.

Listen to Kent Covington's interview with Andrew Klavan on The World and Everything in It:


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