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Budget battles continue

"Budget battles continue" Continued...

“Sequestration cuts some muscle with the fat, but it is the best tool we’ve seen in Washington in recent years to cut spending,” Kingston said. “In Washington we have seen the pattern … there’s a big budget agreement, we get a bump in spending or taxes today, and the spending cuts at a later date never happen.”

Kingston said one silver lining is that the new proposed cuts will come from mandatory spending instead of discretionary spending, but he hasn’t seen any guarantee the delayed cuts will actually happen.

Most Republicans in the Senate, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are expected vote against the measure, which will likely reach the floors of both chambers by the end of the week—just before lawmakers head home for the holidays.

J.C. Derrick
J.C. Derrick

J.C. is WORLD Magazine's Washington Bureau chief. He spent 10 years covering sports, higher education, and politics for the Longview News-Journal and other newspapers in Texas before joining WORLD in 2012. Follow J.C. on Twitter @jcderrick1.


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