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Scott Stapp offers Proof of Life

"Scott Stapp offers Proof of Life" Continued...

But still I was so far away, [and that led to] depression and medication with alcohol and then eventually prescription pills and drugs. That’s the slow suicide that I’m talking about, numbing my heart and numbing my soul because of that separation from God. I was still talking to God. I prayed all the time, but everything was on my terms and my time and the way I wanted it. I had my burning bush moment, so to speak, where it was just undeniable to me in my life that I could finally be still and then God started working on me in a real deep level.

Can you say more about that burning bush moment? It started [in 2006] with falling 40 feet off the 16th floor off the Delano Hotel [in Miami] and landing on my forehead, cracking my skull open, breaking my hip, and realizing there’s really no reason for me to be alive right now. The only reason is that God spared me, which He does all the time. I’m not special in any way for that, but what that did is for 11 months I laid on my back and could no longer run. And that’s when the layers began to come off my heart. I had to go back and learn some more lessons along the way, but that was the beginning of the process. There was no doubt in my mind after that experience that a miracle had happened and I was a part of it and that really shook me up and took away all the doubt.

So where are you today in your spiritual life?  When God does a work in your life, your purpose changes in everything. And it also happens too with when you’re married and when you have children. It becomes less about you and more about everyone else and more about Him. And that’s what’s going on in my personal life right now. I still spend every day trying to grow, and I’m just like the rest of us, but God has done amazing things in my life and as long as I keep it not about me and more about Him, I find that that’s when I find peace and that’s where good starts to happen.

I know you’ve turned a new page in the story of your life, but are the old songs—“Higher,” for example, or “With Arms Wide Open”—still a part of you? Absolutely. They’re like children. Those songs will always be part of me, and I still continue to play those songs and that music at my shows now and will as long as I’m doing this. What happened is just that those songs take on an even deeper meaning as I get older and have more experience and have more understanding. And to be in a position to have grown as an artist and as a human being and to finally be reconciled in my mind and to have accepted the grace of what Christ has done. … I’m just thankful to be here and to be able to share this story and hope that there are others who can see what God’s done in my life and continues to do and it can be an inspiration for them.

Listen to a portion of Warren Cole Smith’s interview with Scott Stapp on The World and Everything in It:

Warren Cole Smith
Warren Cole Smith

Warren is vice president of mission advancement for The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview and the host of WORLD Radio’s Listening In. Follow Warren on Twitter @WarrenColeSmith.


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