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Issue: "2013 Daniel of the Year," Dec. 14, 2013

‘Dead seriousness’

Oct. 19  Thank you for an insightful article. Innocent people have been executed under our system, but the alternative is also barbaric. Subjecting prisoners to the horrors and sin of prison life does not really purge the evil from our society.
—Paul E. Leightner, Pisgah Forest, N.C.

I found this article profoundly discouraging. Both the Old and New Testaments declare the death penalty to be the keystone of jurisprudence. To undercut it only furthers our ethical devolution.
—R.E. “Dick” Knodel, West Chester, Ohio

Thank you for a thought-provoking article. You comment that there are no biblical instances of judges assigning a death penalty after a just trial. But there are no examples of judges assigning any penalty, except in an unjust trial. God granted the various exemptions from a death sentence mentioned, not human judges, and He deals with hearts in a way no human judge can approach. But I applaud returning to the biblical standard that the penalty for perjury is to suffer the penalty the accused had faced.
—Don Codling, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

The biblical standard for capital punishment did require two witnesses, but other protections for the accused today include juries of peers and multiple layers of appeals.
—Paul A. Lindberg, Ravensdale, Wash.

‘Covering tracks’

Oct. 19  I was reading Micah 3 about rulers who built with bloodshed and violent injustice. Then I picked up WORLD, read about Benghazi, and reflected on the statement in the death penalty article: “Lawyers I’ve spoken with cannot remember rich persons receiving the death penalty.” Power can corrupt, and wise is the man who resists the corruption.
—Jim Craig, Richland Center, Wis.

‘A complete circle’

Oct. 19  Excellent column. We all need to accept God’s way of working in this fallen world and not expect Him to work in other cultures the way He has in our culture. This is His world—we are only passing through it and know so very little about it.
—Herman Smith, Albuquerque, N.M.

Globe Trot

I was particularly refreshed by the worldview behind your online feature “Globe Trot.” I read WORLD growing up and attended WJI during college, but now as a journalism grad student I feel that dominant views have muffled my convictions. I’m sorting out how to write for God’s glory, and Globe Trot models godly framing and agenda-setting. (Yes, I’m in a media theory class.)
—Rebecca Dell, Columbia, Mo.

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