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Issue: "American bounty," Nov. 30, 2013

‘A complete circle’

Oct. 19  Thank you for your column on Christians in the Muslim world. Truly they are like the early Christians who were persecuted. Christians in this country could certainly take a lesson from their faithfulness.—Mary Barbara Gold, Kerrville, Texas

You stated, “Jesus appears in dreams to Muslims who can meet Him no other way.” We recently had missionaries who had served in northern Africa testify in our church to the same thing. God is so great!—Stephanie Martin, Madison, N.H.

‘Eats broken bottles and kills rats with her teeth’

Oct. 19  Mindy Belz’s splendid column on Melanie Phillips’ “journey from left to right” reminded me of another notable Brit, Sir Winston Churchill, to whom the following quote is often misattributed: “If you’re not a liberal when you’re 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative when you’re 40, you have no head.” Many of us have been on that journey.—Alec Woodhull, Rockford, Tenn.

‘Head games’

Oct. 5  I just finished the Oct. 5 digital edition. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth and avoiding all that political correctness. Marvin Olasky’s column about the scrubbed-up versions of pagan life in museums was so good.—Ernie Godshall, Newburgh, Ind.

‘Connect the dots’

Oct. 5  I appreciated the contrast of the groundswell of anti-human-trafficking action with the inaction against a primary enabler, pornography. I have encountered the same blind spot in the military’s recent emphasis on combating sexual assault and suicide. I’ve received many earnest and sincere training sessions, but none of the official material ever mentions the effect that rampant pornography use has on provoking sexual assault and suicide.—Fred Neubert, Quantico, Va.

‘Who stands with Syria’s Christians?’

Oct. 5  I do, in prayer. It is too easy for me to say, perhaps, but I know God is with my brothers and sisters in the darkness.—Katie Suppan, Beaverton, Ore.

‘Failure to thrive’

Sept. 21  When Obamacare began life as HB3200, I followed the disclosures of the parts that should arouse concern. There were so many, and I am depressed when I conclude that the situation of Mindy Belz’s mother will become the standard for treatment for the elderly. If personal freedom were a precondition to any legislative initiative, we would have never arrived at this sorry state.—Nolan Nelson, Eugene, Ore.

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