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Issue: "Probing international adoption," Nov. 16, 2013

‘Crimes against the party’

Oct. 5  I was in high school in the 1940s and 1950s when people were contrasting the Soviet Union with freedom in America. My wife and I feel like we are sitting in the bleachers watching the New World Order develop and prophetic Scripture unfold.
—Dennis Jenkins, Bellingham, Wash.

‘Milky Way compass’

Oct. 5  You suggest that most astronomers think planetary nebulae are “no more than 10,000 years old.” Really? A young-earth interpretation of the book of Genesis (and related passages) requires that the Earth itself, and so also planetary nebulae, is no more than 7,000 years old.
—Charles Ray, Coppell, Texas

‘Details, details’

Sept. 21  A great idea! I made a list of all of the issues and people identified in that issue of WORLD. I am praying about each one and plan to continue.
—Randy Calvelli, Hartville, Ohio

‘Against the tide’

Sept. 21  This was an especially emotional edition of WORLD. It had exciting articles about E.W. Jackson, the Yeps, the O’Maras, and the Piper interview, all strong voices for truth and justice, and then the sad and sobering remembrance of Birmingham. Jackson well summarized our situation as “a spiritual battle over vision and values.
—Diane A. Tyson, Muncy, Pa.

‘A sober anniversary’

Sept. 21  Sober indeed. Absent a slowdown in the worldwide progression of Islam, Americans will have to deal with it. We refuse to come to grips with the fact that Islam already has a substantial foothold here.
—Thomas Sandlin, Liberty Hill, Texas

‘Birmingham +50’

Sept. 21  This excellent article documented the history of racism and desegregation as well as some of the recent progress. But it leaves many questions about the problems that linger, such as what to do about the educational divide between blacks and whites. Talking about these things can make people uncomfortable, but we’re 150 years past the end of slavery and 50 years past 1963. It’s time to talk frankly about the problems.
—Jim Richardson, Oro Valley, Ariz.


Paula and Randy Borton founded Hope Award regional runner-up Solus Christus (“Farm and home,” Sept. 21).

Syria’s population includes 1 million-plus Christians (“Who stands with Syria’s Christians?” Oct. 5).

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