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Christians need not apply?

"Christians need not apply?" Continued...

Issue: "Probing international adoption," Nov. 16, 2013

The liberal writer, Conor Friedersdorf, understands that, so he wrote about your case, “to not hire someone for prior remarks made amidst civic debate, and that are indistinguishable from the position taken by almost half of all Americans, this is unjust.” Are you getting support from any other liberals? We hope to wake up people to the double standard. Keith Olbermann can have a position, and even say it on the air, and he’s OK, but I don’t have a right to biblical beliefs. What we can’t have in this country is a point where a corporation feels empowered to punish those who have a biblical belief. That’s the chilling effect of this moment in my life.

If folks want to register their concern with Fox Sports, how should they do that? Email I’ve tried to say, “Look, reinstate me. Put me back on the air.” It’s unlikely that will happen, but we’re trying to pressure them to admit they made a mistake! I really hope that 100 years from now Americans will look back and say our time was a fork in the road, and those who enjoyed and appreciated religious liberty and the First Amendment, fought for it. That would be a great moment for our country.

I was reading last night a novel set in Berlin during Hitler’s years. One character makes an honest comment, and the person to whom he’s speaking smiles a bit and says, “What you said just now: You reminded me of something. I was remembering what it was like to speak without looking over your shoulder.” If Fox Sports’ firing of you stands, it will be an awful precedent. We’ll lose freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Some people who are following this have told me how they’re quiet in their workplace, and worried that if their boss finds out about their stand on an issue, he’ll hold it against them. If this isn’t challenged and made right, people will be looking over their shoulders. That’s not right. That’s not America.

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Marvin Olasky
Marvin Olasky

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