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Issue: "Going it alone," Nov. 2, 2013

‘Back to school’

Sept. 7  As a public school teacher I care about my students and want the best for them. I daily show my students my faith through my actions if not my words. My colleagues, many of whom profess to be Christians, and I are not all looking to brainwash American children with anti-Christian messages. We are doing what God has called us to do with His help, and to the best of our ability.
—Stephanie Bowyer, Tucson, Ariz.

‘Summerhill school’

Aug. 24  Thanks for keeping me informed of events and news all over the world, and in my own backyard.
—Arietta C. Watson, Atlanta, Ga.

‘Stretch marks’

July 13  This column had an insight about “unkillable patience” that I plan to carry around inside me until I die. I’ve stuck the column in my pocket and every few hours clutch it tightly whenever I want to kill my wonderful, exasperating husband. It has become my tool in the exercise of self-crucifixion.
—Pamela Romano, Garfield, N.J.

‘Holding the line’

July 13  Military and government leaders may be able to restrict our chaplains’ ministry in the name of Jesus, regrettably. They cannot, however, suppress or restrict God from accomplishing His purposes.
—Phil R. Satterlee, Surfside Beach, S.C.

I have eliminated all magazine subscriptions except WORLD. Thank you.
—Gordon Havens, Cincinnati, Ohio


An above-ground storage tank at the Fukushima nuclear reactor leaked 300 tons of contaminated water (Dispatches, Sept. 21, p. 7).

Reporter Dale Gavlak did not contribute to a report from Ghouta, Syria, concerning a sarin gas attack in August (“Crisis begets crisis,” Sept. 21, p. 13). 

The master of ceremonies at the first meeting of Trail Life USA was radio personality Bill Bunkley (“Rapid response,” Oct. 5, p. 46).

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