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Issue: "Rethinking the death penalty," Oct. 19, 2013

‘It’s the small things’

Aug. 24  Before reading Andrée Seu Peterson’s column I had a get-well card waiting to be sent that I thought was “not that big a deal.” I was wrong. Thanks.
Edith Nedrow; Selah, Wash.

Thank you for a much needed kick in the pants to write that thank you for a birthday party, a note that says I’m thinking of you, to give a hug to someone who must need it, and so much more.
Tamera Jones; Gaithersburg, Md.

‘Hand-to-hand combat’

Aug. 24  When Mindy Belz said, “Every year the garden teaches me something new about life under the sun,” my heart sang! Last year I was out weeding our apple trees, much more than I cared to, and finally complained to the Lord. He told me that people are always trying to get rid of weeds like old habits, besetting sin, and wrong perspectives, and showed me ways to keep the weeds in my garden and life from growing up.
John Palms; Dinuba, Calif.

‘Double jeopardy’

Aug. 10  To suggest that NYU traded Chen’s fellowship for the Shanghai campus is too speculative. To me, the story is Chen’s bravery, China’s human-rights abuses, and whether Chen is at risk from both sides of becoming a political pawn.
Todd Frederick; Mansfield, Texas

I pass my WORLD copies on to my parents, who let my 11-year-old little brother read it. Recently, he delighted us by drawing a cartoon showing an airplane bearing the words “stock market” and “economy” crashing into a tree. He said it belonged in WORLD. Thanks for a magazine that we can all enjoy.
Raina Rausch; Pandora, Ohio


WORLD’s story on Liberty University said Jerry Falwell Jr. pledged to keep Liberty “debt-free” as it continues its growth. Liberty, though, is using bond debt to finance its expansion: Falwell pledged that Liberty’s net assets would not fall below $1 billion. Liberty’s fiscal year 2013 revenue is $733 million. Its 2010 student loan default rate is 4.1 percent, compared to a default rate of 5.2 percent for private colleges and 9.1 percent for all colleges (“Advancing Liberty,” Sept. 7, p. 61).


The photo accompanying the quote by Grace Yog Gyang, the pregnant widow of a pastor killed in Nigeria by Islamic extremists, was not her husband but Rev. Pam Jang Pam, who was not killed (Quotables, Sept. 21, p. 16).

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