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Issue: "Rethinking the death penalty," Oct. 19, 2013

‘Back to school’

Sept. 7  The questions and issues listed on your Sept. 7 cover are vital ones that I fear too many, even Christian parents, are unaware of. Do we understand scientism? Do we discern that all schools teach secular humanism in the state systems?
—John R. Hamilton; Pasadena, Calif.

My husband is a minister and I teach in the public school system. Our four children thrived in public schools because we taught them Christian values. Things have gotten bad, but if Christians continue to withdraw, schools will only get worse. My children and I are missionaries every day.
Beth Tiller; Warrensburg, Mo.

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This issue is a gold mine. Our grassroots policy organization is promoting religious liberty in public schools at an upcoming conference. You gave us much to cite as we invite public school parents, teachers, and administrators to move “from fear to freedom” regarding Christian expression at school.
Nixie Laremore; Seaford, Del.

‘ID incognito—for now’

Sept. 7  Those who dissent from Darwinism must hide their names and faces to save their academic careers, yet those who attend anti-religious or atheist conferences are open about it. This is only one symptom of a society that increasingly tolerates what was once intolerable and rejects what was once a virtue. It’s tragic. 
Jerry Bergman; Archbold, Ohio

Shortly after reading this article I read Hebrews 11:3: “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command.” We cannot expect unbelievers to see our point of view. To change our culture and science teaching we must bring many who walk in darkness into the light of the gospel.
Eileen Voigt; West Bend, Wis.

You quote astronomy professor Mark Dunn observing, “the only two transparent windows in the atmosphere allow us to see the heavens and hear the heavens.” That’s mind-boggling truth traceable only to God, and we should pass it on to boggle the minds of unbelievers.
Diane Lowrey;Houston, Texas

‘Dangerous faces’

Sept. 7  Reading several books, such as Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices (Notable Books, Aug. 24), prayer, and discussions with friends have convinced me that on my own I cannot resist or even identify the dangers described in this column. My only hope is to abide daily in Christ.
Nathanael Underhill; Aurora, Ill.

Many years ago I was fine-tuning a presentation that had significant career implications. Knowing that in a few hours top management would be scrutinizing my every move was frightening. But before retiring I picked up my Bible and read Jeremiah 1:8, which also promises, “I am with thee to deliver thee.” I slept well that night and was “delivered” the next morning. Thanks for the memory.
Peter Kushkowski; Portland, Conn.

‘Darwinian dictates’

Sept. 7  The Next Generation Science Standards provide materialistic answers to religious questions and promote activist, politically charged views on the effects of humans on the environment, global warming, and sustainability. The scientific aspects of these issues are debatable and the promoters of NGSS have no business taking a stand on political questions.
Robert Lattimer; Stow, Ohio

‘Propaganda trumps teaching’

Sept. 7  The NEA resolution on accepting homosexual and “transgender” students is over 80 words long. Perhaps NEA officials need to learn how to craft a sentence. My third-grade teacher would have sent that resolution back for a rewrite.
Ron Mentus; Brookfield, Conn.


Sept. 7  The article mentions Starbucks several times as a place where people telework. Public libraries, which usually have free Wi-Fi, are a better alternative for those who work “at home” than a company that is a big supporter of the homosexual-rights movement.
Paul Zierk; Blue Hill, Maine

‘The evil that men do’

Sept. 7  A friend of mine who was raised Muslim and is now a Christian observes that when a Christian obeys the Bible, he becomes more like Jesus and leaves vengeance in God’s hands. But the more closely a Muslim follows the Quran, the closer he comes to embracing terrorism. Why does our society ignore this?
Paul B. Lantz; Bradenton, Fla.

‘Pant protection’

Sept. 7  Those trouser and suspender bandages for Halm the donkey are not really new. This week I learned about them in a storybook called Brighty of the Grand Canyon written in 1953. Uncle Jim cut up his overalls and used his suspenders after Brighty was attacked by a mountain lion. I wonder if Halm’s caretakers ever read this book.
Josiah Koornneef, 9; Parker, Colo.

‘Be less than you can be’

Aug. 24  As an emergency physician I have seen many work- and play-related injuries, like water-skiing, in disability-collecting folks. But most troubling is how often I see healthy-looking young people trying to get disability benefits who don’t even realize that they should have a condition to get on this bandwagon. This is a terribly broken system of reward for indolence, in far too many cases, and it leaves the truly disabled less likely to get help.
Scott Burner; St. Louis, Mo.


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