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Filmmakers discover a God-ordained story

"Filmmakers discover a God-ordained story" Continued...

Amid the busyness of raising kids, keeping a steady income flowing in, and making a movie, the Matanicks have found support from their church, Reality Carpinteria. A few Sundays ago, the pastor prayed for the couple after inviting them up on stage to share about their project. They’ve also gathered a group of close friends who are committed to pray for them throughout the process.

And while the studio has not yet approved the script, they’ve already seen how God has been working in those surrounding it. The author of the book on which they are basing the story has given the couple permission to make the film and is excited to see how it turns out. The author also turned out to be a friend of Sheets, and told him about being approached by the Matanicks. Sheets was shocked because earlier that day he had held up that exact book during an EchoLight meeting as an example of the type of movies he wanted to see the studio create.

So before the Matanicks even spoke to Sheets on the phone for the first time Wednesday, he already knew their story idea and was excited about it. Christina couldn’t describe the turn of events other than that it was God-ordained.

“We really feel like this is from God,” she said of the entire experience thus far. “We entered the festival before there was a prize. The win was something that God wanted to happen, so we feel like it’s in His hands.”

Angela Lu
Angela Lu

Angela is a reporter for WORLD Magazine who lives and works in Taiwan. She enjoys cooking, reading, and storytelling. Follow Angela on Twitter @angela818.


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